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We are Ringhotel

We are Ring­ho­tel Sin­ce 2015 we have been part of the lar­gest asso­cia­ti­on of pri­va­te and inde­pendent­ly mana­ged hotels in Ger­ma­ny. The appro­xi­mate­ly 100 four- and ups­ca­le three-star hotels make your vaca­ti­on an enjoya­ble expe­ri­ence. Our ring hotel “Bömers Mosel­land­ho­tel” stands for ever­ything that defi­nes the ring hotels: a per­so­nal and human gui­d­ance, a fami­li­ar and local ambi­ence as well as an excel­lent cui­sine, in which regio­nal and sea­so­nal ingre­dients are used. In this way, guests of the Ring­ho­tels can redis­co­ver and expe­ri­ence the diver­si­ty of Ger­ma­ny as a “home”. In addi­ti­on, the­re is the “plea­su­re” of fee­ling wel­co­me as a guest at any time — not only culi­na­ry, but throughout the ent­i­re stay. This app­lies to the ring hotel “Bömers Mosel­land­ho­tel” as well as to all other mem­ber hotels bet­ween Kiel and Oberst­dorf. The indi­vi­dua­li­ty of the ring hotels is also evi­dent in the ran­ge of hotels: The­se inclu­de pro­fes­sio­nal con­fe­rence hotels as well as fami­ly-friend­ly holi­day hotels or modern well­ness oases as well as city hotels for city breaks. In addi­ti­on, the­re are some his­to­ri­cal man­si­ons and cast­les, which are mar­ked with the addi­ti­on “guest in the cast­le”.

Ringhotels at a glance

Ring­ho­tel Ahrens­burg gar­ni, Ahrens­burg
Ring­ho­tel Adler, Asperg / Ahrens­burg
Ring­ho­tel Alpen­hof, Augs­burg
Ring­ho­tel Köh­lers Forst­haus, Aurich
Ring­ho­tel Die Gams, Beiln­gries
Ring­ho­tel See­hof, Ber­lin
Ring­ho­tel Fähr­haus, Bad Beven­sen
Ring­ho­tel Schwarz­wald Hotel Sil­ber­kö­nig, Gut­ach-Blei­bach
Ring­ho­tel Rhein­ho­tel Dree­sen, Bonn-Bad Godes­berg
Ring­ho­tel Mun­te am Stadt­wald, Bre­men
Ring­ho­tel Fähr­haus Far­ge, Bre­men-Far­ge
Ring­ho­tel Land­haus Gar­dels, Bruns­büt­tel
Ring­ho­tel Cel­ler Tor, Cel­le
Ring­ho­tel Stadt Coburg, Coburg
Ring­ho­tel Drees, Dort­mund
Ring­ho­tel Resi­denz Alt Dres­den, Dre­den
Ring­ho­tel Was­sers­le­ben, Flens­burg-Har­ris­lee
Ring­ho­tel Kro­ne, Fried­richs­ha­fen
Ring­ho­tel Aqua­ri­um Bod­den­berg, Fried­rich­stadt
Ring­ho­tel Sieg­fried­brun­nen, Gra­sel­len­bach
Ring­ho­tel Sell­horn, Han­s­tedt
Ring­ho­tel Zum Kreuz, Hei­den­heim / Stein­heim
Ring­ho­tel Wald­ho­tel Hei­li­gen­haus, Hei­li­gen­haus
Ring­ho­tel Zwei­brü­cker Hof, Her­de­cke
Ring­ho­tel Gast­hof Hasen, Her­ren­berg
Ring­ho­tel Nie­der­sach­sen, Höx­ter
Ring­ho­tel Altes Zoll­haus, Horumsiel
Ring­ho­tel Bir­ke, Kiel
Ring­ho­tel Strand­blick, Küh­lungs­born
Ring­ho­tel Jen­sen, Lübeck
Ring­ho­tel Frie­de­ri­ken­hof, Lübeck-Ober­büss­au
Ring­ho­tel Am Stadt­park, Lünen
Ring­ho­tel Land­haus Eggert, Müns­ter
Ring­ho­tel Gif­fels Gol­de­ner Anker, Bad Neuen­ahr
Ring­ho­tel Schloss­berg, Neu­stadt / Orla
Ring­ho­tel Loew’s Mer­kur, Nur­em­berg
Ring­ho­tel Reu­bel, Nur­em­berg-Zin­dorf
Ring­ho­tel Moh­ren, Och­sen­hau­sen
Ring­ho­tel Win­zer­hof, Rau­en­berg
Ring­ho­tel Der Wald­ka­ter, Rin­teln
Ring­ho­tel Johan­ni­ter­bad, Rott­weil
Ring­ho­tel Cen­tral, Rüdes­heim
Ring­ho­tel Wald­schlöss­chen, Schles­wig
Ring­ho­tel Hohen­lo­he, Schwä­bisch Hall
Ring­ho­tel Ger­ma­nen­hof, Stein­heim-San­de­beck
Ring­ho­tel Zum Gol­de­nen Och­sen, Stock­ach
Ring­ho­tel Schloss Tan­ger­mün­de, Tan­ger­mün­de
Ring­ho­tel Teu­to­bur­ger Wald, Meck­len­burg-Broch­ter­beck
Ring­ho­tel Katha­ri­nen Hof, Unna
Ring­ho­tel Mönchs Wald­ho­tel, Unter­rei­chen­bach
Ring­ho­tel Rog­gen­land, Wal­deck
Ring­ho­tel Vil­la Mar­ga­re­te, Waren (Müritz)
Ring­ho­tel Wei­ßer Hirsch, Wer­ni­ge­ro­de
Ring­ho­tel Post­ho­tel Usseln, Wil­lin­gen
Ring­ho­tel Park­ho­tel Wit­ten, Wit­ten
Ring­ho­tel Resi­denz, Witt­mund
Ring­ho­tel Zum Stein, Wör­litz
Ring­ho­tel Wit­tels­ba­cher Höh, Würz­burg
Ring­ho­tel Paul­sen, Zeven
Ring­ho­tel Bund­schu, Bad Mer­gen­theim
Ring­ho­tel War­ne­mün­der Hof, Ros­tock-War­ne­mün­de
Ring­ho­tel Nebel­horn­blick, Oberst­dorf
Ring­ho­tel Stemp­fer­hof, Göß­wein­stein
Ring­ho­tel Appel­baum, Güters­loh
Ring­ho­tel Rhein­ho­tel Vier Jah­res­zei­ten, Meer­busch
Ring­ho­tel Son­nen­hof, Lau­ten­bach
Ring­ho­tel Schorf­hei­de | Con­fe­rence cen­ter for busi­ness, Joa­chims­thal
Ring­ho­tel Gol­de­ner Knopf, Bad Säckin­gen
Ring­ho­tel Hohe Wacht, Hoh­wacht (Bal­tic Sea)
Ring­ho­tel Wald­ho­tel Bären­stein, Horn-Bad Mein­berg
Ring­ho­tel Alf­see Piaz­za, Ries­te
Ring­ho­tel Nas­sau-Ora­ni­en, Lim­burg / Hada­mar
Ring­ho­tel Klö­vens­teen, Ham­burg-Sche­ne­feld
Ring­ho­tel Kur­haus Ochs, Schmit­ten / Tau­nus
Ring­ho­tel Bra­ve Knight, Bad Kösen
Ring­ho­tel Alt­stadt gar­ni, Güs­trow
Ring­ho­tel Vital­ho­tel ambi­en­te, Bad Wils­nack
Ring­ho­tel Vil­la Moritz gar­ni, Mon­ta­baur / Ober­ahr
Ring­ho­tel Luther­ho­tel Eisen­acher Hof, Eisen­ach
Ring­ho­tel Land­haus Nico­lai, Loh­men
Ring­ho­tel Bömers Mosel­land­ho­tel, Alf / Mosel
Ring­ho­tel Apart­ho­tel Bad­blick gar­ni, Bad Bel­lin­gen
Ring­ho­tel Haus Ober­win­ter, Rema­gen / Bonn
Ring­ho­tel Kocks am Müh­len­berg gar­ni, Mül­heim an der Ruhr
Ring­ho­tel Forel­len­hof, Wals­ro­de
Ring­ho­tel Schwar­zer Baer gar­ni, Luther­stadt Wit­ten­berg
Ring­ho­tel Altes Pfarr­haus gar­ni, Saar­lou­is
Ring­ho­tel Park-Hotel, Saar­lou­is
Ring­ho­tel Post­hof gar­ni, Saar­lou­is
Ring­ho­tel Loo­ken Inn, Lin­gen
Ring­ho­tel Schloss­ho­tel Ernest­grün, Neu­al­ben­reuth
Ring­ho­tel Art Hotel Kör­schen gar­ni, Essen
Ring­ho­tel Bären­gar­ten, Ravens­burg
Ring­ho­tel Drei­was­ser, Stern­berg
Ring­ho­tel Schloss­ho­tel Beug­gen, Rhein­fel­den (Baden)
Ring­ho­tel Vil­la Wes­ter­ber­ge, Aschers­le­ben
Rin­ho­tel Land­ho­tel Bul­ler, Hagen
Ring­ho­tel Jäger Hof, Wei­ßen­fels